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With a warm and friendly Irish welcome, proper Guinness is served from 4pm until 2am at the Munster Bar. Come and enjoy a beer, wine or cocktail and take advantage of our happy hours. Watch the game or enjoy the music - you'll be in great company.

Munster Bar welcomes everyone. Not just a bar for the Irish, the Munster counts a broad and diverse range of cultures amongst its clients, in keeping with Chamonix's cosmopolitan nature and its unique blend of tourists and locals.

T: 0033 (0)4 50 18 46 38
M:0033 (0)6 18 46 17 30

*Open from 4pm until 2am daily

Welcome to Munster Bar Chamonix

If you're looking for live sports, you'll find it at the Munster. Rugby, football, skiing, and extreme sports are shown daily on two TVs, which show Irish channels along with Sky satellite, giving you access to all the games you could possibly want to watch. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter to find out what's on and our latest news...

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